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  • Hi Maria, You made a post once on the history of Greek belly dance that I enjoyed very much. I can't find it now and I'd like to re-read it. Do you know where I can find it again? Thanks for any help! I always love your posts!
    HI Maria, could you email me the shaabi song you danced to at Belgrade? Love it! Taheya x
    Hi Maria. Thanks! WOW. Nagua looks different than I know from YouTube.... I'm sure she still can dance and great, but just couldn't recognized her by this photo. Thanks again. ;)
    Hi Maria.

    My friend took this photo last month at Nile Group festival, but she forgot who this person was. Do you know who she is? She dance with Tito, so I thought Aida Nour but she said no. Maybe you can help me. :think:

    hiiiiiiiiii ya gamela ezayek ?
    can we talk in msn ?
    add me
    Hi..:) How did the Prague workshop go?? :) I saw the pics on facebook and I suppose it was amazing!:) I could not go since I got sick so my friend went there in my place.. :((((
    Thank you for the rep, Maria. I am sending all sorts of good hopes and dreams your way. May your present troubles just be the gateway to something wonderful! Shanazel
    Maria - you deleted your post on the other forum before i was able to read it but it seems from the nature of the responses that something has happened to your school??

    I'm so sorry to hear if this is the case! I do hope that you are able to continue with your students in some fashion as you are a beautiful dancer and a real treasure to those you teach!
    Hi Maria,

    i can't believe that you were attacked by a rat! Just checking in to say i hope you're taking better care of yourself and resting enough!

    Hi Maria :))
    I`m Tatiana Eshta from Ukrain. We saw each other a few tims at Nile Group festival but i don`t think that you remember me :)) However you one of the most popular persens from Greece. Exuse me, becouse of it i ask your help. We looking for Prince Kayamer, wrote him some letters but he didn`t reply. Can you help us and write his phone number or other mails?
    Thank you :))
    With great regards - Tatiana
    Oh, that is funny. :D Well, not really I suppose. I'll get some zills from here then and find something else to bring home. haha That would be nice to meet for coffee when I'm there. Always enjoy meeting people! I'll be in touch...
    Hi Maria Aya! I'm a newbie at bellydance - and enjoying it completely. :D I plan on being in Greece this June (to celebrate my 40th birthday) and wonder if you could help me with something. In looking for souvineers to bring back, I want to find good quality yet inexpensive zills. Is there a place in Athens or elsewhere I can find what I'm looking for? I look forward to participating on this forum - I have much to learn and glean I'm sure. On thing is certain, I give all bellydancers much credit. This is hard work! haha
    Happy New Year my Maria!! I hope things are getting better over there in Greece - i still worry about you and how unrest might be affecting you! i read a newspaper article the other day about a Greek doctor who's been living here for some years now and he's taken the Trinidad and Tobago flag up Mt. Kilimanjaro - see; we love each other! *hugs*
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