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    I seem to disappear a lot...Greetings from St. George, Utah.

    So I am back. Last time I was here was almost 2 years ago. I have since gotten married and life got in the way but I have started back up dancing. Seems that locally, the belly dance community is dying but I am determined to keep it going. Just wanted to say hi.
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    I'm back!

    Wow I was gone a whole year and a half...almost. It's good to be back. Can't wait to get into things on this forum.
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    I know I have asked multiple times about a dance teacher now looking in Las Vegas

    I live in Southern Utah and have been unable to find classes in St. George or in Cedar City and surrounding towns so I am now looking in Vegas. I prefer Tribal Fusion and ATS. If you know of any I would appreciate it. I need to get to classes even if it is only every other week to start. Thanks...
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    Dance Group or Partner

    Ok so I moved to Southern Utah (Washington County) last year and was taking classes then my teacher quit. I was given contact info for someone in the area but never received a response. Anyway I decided to practice on my own as my New Years resolution. I want to find someone to practice with or...
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    Hey Everyone I'm Back

    I've been a member on this site for some time but took a break due to some health problems. I have been dancing since 2007 it started with mini shows on tv and then lead to me taking Egyptian classes I eventually discovered Tribal Fusion and fell in love. Last year I had a teacher that taught a...
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    Belly Dance Photography

    I have an acquaintance in San Antonio TX, he got into photography (getting his degree in it) and we were talking about dance. I told him I was a belly dancer and he mentioned how beautiful and poetic it was and that he would like to photograph belly dancers sometime but didn't know any. Seeing...
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    Lost teacher again!

    Ok so I have been taking lessons on and off (on and off due to losing teachers) the last 3 years I just moved a few months ago and found one Belly Dance teacher in my area I took from her for 1 1/2 months then she stopped due to medical issues. I can't find any in my area and I have money issues...
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    The Jewels that Raq with Delton Davis! Hosted by Jonny Loquasto!

    Amazing show in Orange County. Check it out!!/events/238173819610957/ ****THE DOORS OPEN AT 6PM, SHOW IS AT 7PM! FACEBOOK KEEPS MESSING UP THE TIME, SO I AM WRITING IT HERE***** Experience the show that has The O.C. mesmerized!!! Join us for a magical evening...
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    Driving me NUTS!!!

    I want to know what the song is that is played on this video starting at 3:00 I like it but it's driving me crazy not knowing what it is. Hypnotic Tribal Fusion por Joline Andrade | Salvador - BA - YouTube
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    Jewelry and Accessories

    Megan Durbin on Etsy or Check out this for unlisted deals
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    Im Back...Hello :)

    Ok so Im not new but I have been gone for quite some time so I thought I would say Hi now that I'm back, since I wasn't well known before I left.
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    Opinions please

    I started off a few months ago making jewelry and accessories for my belly dancing because they are so darn expensive to buy, some stuff I have even been able to aquire wholesale, Iv sold some at a few belly dance shows Iv gone to but its not enough to sustain this new hobby business I have. I...
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    Looking for a skirt

    I want to layer a skirt over one I already have. This is the type of skirt Im looking for. I have a full skirt that pretty much covers me up. If you have any ideas let me know. Thank you :D
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    Fairly New

    I recently bought a DVD to practice to that my Dance teacher recommended I use since I can not afford to take class as often as I like. In the video the dancer tells you to do a 3/4 shimmy but does not explain how to do it which I am clueless about can anyone explain it to me. I hope this is not...
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    Hey New here

    Just thought Id say hi. I came across this site several times and finally decided to join. I got a taste of belly dance back in high school but it took me years to find a class. Finally a few months ago I found a class and now im hooked! Its amazing there is so much to it. Its more than a dance...