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  • Oh, yaaay, you've visited recently! Haven't seen you in awhile---but then I practically live at work. :rolleyes: Miss you---Happy New Year! :D
    Thanks for the wonderful idea, and for organising the Advent Calender: it was fantastic :)
    A big hug and virtual rep,
    love Sita
    Thanks for the rep Karena - it's been a pleasure to do the Advent Calendar and I hope we do it again!
    My answer somehow ended up on my own profile at first.
    thank's for the nice words. Websites are tricky logistic-wise, I think. To know what goes where and how you get there and back. I only ever had a 8 weeks Flash course, where I made the outlines for the website, which I'm now redoing in the web-program that comes with the domain etc. It's kind of limited but it's a start.
    I'll look into the contact form possibilities. I did think about it but didn't really do anything about it ;).
    Re the links I think I'll just get something up on every page by next week. If I take them down I don't know if I can get them back in the same place :lol: yes I'm a beginner at this :lol:
    ok, it doesn't hurt to get some feedback during the process. www.giselakarlestedt.dk
    I know, it's so annoying with sites that are up, but not finished and where the links doesn't work. I just thought it was better to have pictures and contact info up, than not have it anywhere.
    thank's, yes I'm really happy. Both about the money but also that someone likes the things I make :D
    I took the link down because I thought it was unproffessional to have a site under construction too long. I haven't had time to do anythig more on it for a while. I'll put it up again when it's more done. I think you might find it if you google "gisela ceramics" :D
    Hi Karena, Thank's for the eurovision chat. My bf was out on a gig with his band, so it was nice to have some online company :)
    Hi Karena, I appreciate your comments in the tragedy thread. I wanted to give you rep but the powers that be wouldn't let me.
    Trying to reply to Khanjar, not sure if this is how...
    No it's not I'm afraid. I know someone called Julia if that counts ;-), but she's not even a dancer.
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