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    Is this how it ends?

    In our SCA Kingdom (Montana, Idaho, and Utah) the winning combatant (Ibrahim) and their consort (me) serve as Prince and Princess for five months, then King and Queen for six months. We did our full terms of office and survived! The 16th Century Ottoman reign theme was a blast. He was Sultan...
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    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    "African hip belt" :think:
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    Makeup removal?

    Is there anything worse than trying to scrape off the makeup after a performance? Any recommendations for products that won't make me break out or dry up my skin? I don't mind putting the makeup on, but taking it off is awful :(
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    More crazy

    Just read this steaming pile of WTF: "Bellydance is **ancient** - far more ancient than many are aware - and a **natural** way of dancing that doesn't require ANYONE else's approval to claim it. Natural as in, it's in our body's wisdom. And no one claim ownership over that for anyone but their...
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    Advice needed

    I need some impartial advice from a group of sensible people. A good friend of mine is getting married and asked me to be her matron of honor. I agreed. The groom had a fight with his best friend and now no longer has him as his best man. The wedding party was originally going to be two...
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    Composer of Lamma Bada

    Okay, I was reading about the history of Lamma Bada Yatathanna a while ago and I can't remember who composed the melody we use today. Vaguely, I remember it was either a Syrian or Lebanese fellow around the 1920s. Am I inventing things in my head? Does anyone remember where I got this...
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    New prop

    Belly Dom Handcuffs Belly Dance ? Sharifwear I thought fan veils were walking on the wild side.
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    Conflicted and guilty over stupid things

    My DH got me a genetic test kit for my birthday at my request. I'm adopted on my dad's side and was curious about health issues and such. I admit to being a bit disappointed that my test results also indicated that I have no Middle Eastern ancestry. I'm just plain old European white. I feel...
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    Best NEW instructional videos?

    What are the best new instructional videos out now or soon? It's been a while since I heard of a "must have" that has everyone drooling in anticipation!
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    Learned something new about Maqamat

    Weekly Maqam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I know Wikipedia is a lousy source, but still interesting.
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    Randa interview
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    Twerking And Race: What The Dance Craze Says About Racial Perceptions Of Dance (VIDEO) Any hip movement dance is automatically perceived as sexy, and lots of other hot topics presented here that have commonalities with belly dance issues.
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    Fake Ghawazi alert

    Forwarded from Edwina Nearing April 22, 2013 -- NEWEST PHONY GHAWAZI SCAM EXPLOITS TECHNOLOGY Considering how she is looked down on in her own country and has often had to sell her costumes, even her television and refrigerator, to cover living expenses, it is amazing how many imposters try to...
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    Who's your favorite belly dancer revisited

    This is not arab, Top 10 Reasons to NOT Bellydance: A Guide for non-Middle Eastern and North African People We've had "Who is your favorite belly dancer" threads in the past. #7 in the blog above got me thinking. If your favorite or "the best bellydancer in the world" is not a native...
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    Interesting Blog

    This is not arab