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  • Thank you so much for the rep for the Cougar Candy Store comment - unbelieveable they can still associate stripping & bellydance!

    I love your photograph, absolutely beautiful!
    Thank you! I just caught on to this "visitor message thing" -- sorry for the delay!! :)
    We are pleased to invite alll of you to the International Khamsin Festival, which will take place in Aci Bonaccorsi -Sicily from the 16th to 18th July 2010.
    This Festival will welcome world renowned Oriental and Indian dances instructors such as Dr. Geddawi, Amir Thaleb, Aziza Abdul Ridha, Diana Tarkhan, Nathalie, Lolie, Les Soeurs Tribales, Mistri, Ailema...etc..
    The event aims to promote cultural exchange and dialogue between Eastern and Western countries through music, images and words, in order to foster the integration toward appreciating our own identity and differences.
    For further information, please feel free to contact our Booking office at: +39 3473061988 or visit our website:
    Please have a look to our special offers and to our extraordinary dance competition & awards.

    We will be greatly honored by your presence.

    e.mail: info@khamsinfestival.com
    Thank you for the lovely friendship request, I'm honoured to except. Applause for your wonderful kitties... my cat also loves sitting on the keyboard and computer. cats are one of my favourite things in the world.. love 'em.

    Thank you Jane ! Going to be a silly day today... we were planning on having friends over for big Turkish style dinner and get together on saturday but the weather predicts big snowstorm... So today was going to be food shopping day... Still is I'm going to be optimistic...Maybe I'll grab my dance can.... and tell the young whippersnappers to get out my way... yeah :) Creaks
    Thanks for the rep, and you're welcome. Bellydancestore.com has the arabesques/curly hem skirts at very reasonable prices.

    Ohhh - do love your 'lady lumps!:lol:
    These are wonderful... now if only I could get Deke to dance. He does a good head bop. Thanks for the silly stuff. Creaky Old Dancer and her silly cat boy Deke
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