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    Hiiiii I'm new

    Welcome, there's an invaluable resource here. my advice when learning on your own, always have a mirror in front of you and if you are having trouble take it slowly.. as slow as you are able to, it eventually "clicks" and speed comes. when you are learning moves, feel how your muscles are moving x
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    1970s style

    At the moment yes, I’m studying Egyptian style.
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    1970s style

    Thank you, i like looking for dancers who were not such a big name, like the one you suggested
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    1970s style

    Thank you 🙏, these are the big names that keep coming up for me ❤️❤️❤️
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    1970s style

    Hello there, i I’m staring to get interested in the styles Of the 1970s, however, i seem to come across an internet, “black hole” of general information on the decade and the style. While there seems to be much more discussion, videos (which is honestly what I’m after) and general information...
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    next level

    Hello, i was wondering if you experienced belly dancers can help me? Ive been belly dancing with my local classes for about two years, but i feel that ive majorly grown from the beginners classes which are the only type of classes i can find in the area (and quite frankly in bored of doing the...
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    Esal Rohak

    (sorry for the long wait in reply - life) thank you for such a great answer! im humbled i dont think i would have he courage to dance to umm kalthoums version, im just not ready for that responsibility hehehe. ive only been learning belly dance for three years, so i consider myself a beginner...
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    Esal Rohak

    Morning all, ive been thinking about doing a solo for the next hafla (whenever that will be).. Its just going to be for other dancers so im not "going public". The music i want to dance to is Esal Rohak and im currently looking up translations and getting to know the music. would any of you good...
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    A lurker steps out from the shadows.......

    Hello, i have decided to say hello since being a lurker for many years. from Ireland originally but living in wales in the UK now . i have been belly dancing for about 2 years now and have become obsessed. hopefully i will be able to join in more conversations as i stay