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    I love Horacio and Beata.

    Does any one else think they are just great?They have some great training vids
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    where to find fabrics,non-stretch sequin trim

    Fringing ,chiffons ,motifs ,silver or gold lurex thread for in overlocker , really hard to find in New Zealand especially enough to make 3 or so costumes at a time.Any old beaded belts for recycling? I live at the bum end of the world ,pity me. There's bugger all shopping down here.
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    Translation of Efred by Hakim please

    Such a bouncy little song, what is it about , Many thanks
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    Hi, I'm Ditzahdancer from New Zealand

    How lovely to find a place for us dancers to hang out.I make amazing costumes and have been dancing for 10 years and teaching for 7, Love to hear from dancers :)
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    Anyone know where I can get lurex thread

    To run through my overlocker, it needs to be single strand and not stiff or metallic, gold or silver or any thing and lots of it
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    Ta Mavra Matia Sou , lyrics wanted

    George Abdo and the flames of araby orchestra , love to know what I'm dancing to. Thank you