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    I've heard that American Tribal style is more snakey and flowy, Egyptian/Oriental/Raqs Sharqi uses more precise movements, with the hips always under the rib cage, and that Cabaret style has more of a flemenco form. How true are these? Also, what are some movement differences between the...
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    Improv belly dance with palm torches!!!

    I attended Wildfire Retreat for the first time, and I got to improvise a belly dance with my palm torches! Unfortunately, my face isn't showing how excited I am :( If you can get past my grumpy cat face, I'd love to know what you guys think! Constructive criticism very welcome...
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    Practice help

    Because I haven't joined a class, I'm not sure if my way of practicing is very productive. I know a good handful moves so far, and I've been doing each one 15-30 times in a row until it looks right, then 10-20 more times to build the muscle memory. I also play belly dance music and improvise in...
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    Are bindis as big of a problem as I've read?

    I was shopping for belly dance accessories, and when I saw bindis, I decided to look up the meaning. When I did, it said that bindis were a terrible and ignorant addition, and that belly dancers should never wear it. I don't know how true that is, and this was a while ago, but I see them in...
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    Thin and top heavy

    I'm not very big at all, except for my breasts. Because of this, I can't go braless. I've watched some tutorials on how to turn a bra into a belly dance top, but I'm not very good at sewing. Even though I have a friend who can help me, having to order all the proper sized bras isn't cheap. So...
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    Who are you favorite professional belly dancers?

    I love watching professionals and learning from them.:think: I have 2 favorites for two COMPLETELY different reasons. Alla Kushnir: Her style is more cabaret, and her costumes are GORGEOUS!!!:clap: I love watching her because she isn't afraid to go big with her performance. I first saw her...
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    Critics needed!!!

    I'm getting some small routines together, but I don't have any way to perform right now, and no teacher, so I'm not sur ehow good they are. I need some years-long dancers and teachers to watch the videos I post (as they come) and let me know what they think. Lots and lots of constructive...
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    Anyone use fire?

    I love fire as much as belly dancing, and I know that the two are combined pretty often. I have a pair of fire fans, palm torches, a fire scimitar, and a fire cane. If anyone out there uses fire with their dance, I'd love to hear some tricks or advice that you might have.
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    Dani from Rhode Island!

    I've been belly dancing for 4 months, and I'm still practicing. I'd like to meet anyone who likes to talk and share ideas and thoughts and advice. I also love music (all genres, all languages), animals, food, colors, and lots of other stuff. If anyone lives anywhere in the New England area, I'd...