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  • Just been busy with work & such. Am dancing lots bellydance, bollywood & ball room think i'm getting burnt out. Haven't done much costume stuff lately as I've been sooo busy. But I should get started on my next one :)
    I'm looking forward to the star costume & also to what other creations you & your daughter come up with.

    Canada Day performance was awesome. I had fun, but for some reaons was very nervous. I took pics or my boy friend did & am trying to get them up.

    Good luck to your daughter on july 1st.

    hmmm i would call her costume on the cabaret or tribaret.
    Nice I'll have to take a look. I'm sure it turned out awesome. I'm finally getting the stuff together for my next costume with stars. Can't wait to start it. Making the costumes can be I'll get the base bra today or tomorrow. woo hoo I get to perform today it's Canada Day today so we are performing at our community center as part of the Canada Day Celebration. I'll make sure my boyfriend takes some pics.
    i haven't noticed many mix & match costumes except in tribal. i've noticed however a lot of dancers do neutral colours like black, gold, or silver & then they can make it look completely different, by changing the skirts & accessories. but your right give it a try you never know what you might come up with.
    Check out the costume support thread i added a link to it so you won't have to look far :)

    thank you. i only did the bra i like it & now i'm hooked. the skirt is a petal skirt not my fav but it worked. the overskirt (purple & gold thing) i bought $40 & LOVE IT. the veil i got at a second hand shop for like $5. the hip scarf from my teacher for $35. i need to get some more multi purpose pieces.
    Oh making the costumes can be fun & addictive. The bra i'm wearing in my pic is one i covered & decorated myself & I'm very happy with it :). My next project wil be a star costume bra & belt. Dark blue with heavily beaded appliques that I plan on beading myself. I'm collecting beads & such just need to get the fabric, bra & get started. There's a thread I started showing different beading techniques. I've done needle work myself, along with other members so with couching & other techniques there is help on this board that's for sure.
    Hi, Dusty, thank you very much for the friend request. :D Best to you and your daughter, she's a beautiful girl!
    thanks for the friends request :D hey if i need a skirt will you make one for me....:lol: kidding just without a sewing machine at the moment. however i have covered & decorated a bra ;)

    catch you around the boards :dance:
    You are welcome, I have to tell you I had a bit of a giggle at trying to work out that you were the 'daughter of an 18 yr old daughter
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