Aurora Briar Rose

I believe that you are born alone and you die alone. There is a space in between that you might meet someone but, in the end, you are alone. Dealing with that fact is what life is all about. I believe the reason scientists and philosophers can't peg the meaning of life is because it is subjective. Not only does it change from person to person, but in age as well. My meaning of life is to "Thrive". Not just survive life but to live it spherically. What's yours?I am the deciding factor in all things concerning myself. I don't believe in making excuses for myself. I believe in taking pride in my work and setting high standards for yourself. I'm the one to blame if its not the best that I can achieve.I confess I'm flawed. I'm lazy, stubborn, selfish, and impulsive. I have many more faults too, but the point of personality flaws is to know you have them, and try to move past them. Here is where I apologize to the people I've hurt on my journey. "I really am sorry, you know who you are." The joy in life is watching events unfold without judgement and with childish anticipation. The bad things I have done and that happened to me have made me who I am. Here is where I forgive those people who hurt me."I forgive you." Ask me about my philosophy on forgiveness sometime.I have a dry and morbid sense of humor and I don't trust any religious leader that doesn't know at least one dirty joke. Laughter releases endorphins and increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Laughing also burns calories and raises your metabolism, prevents cancer and heart disease. Statistically speaking, people who laugh more live longer. When I get old, I want to be rich, fat, and happy. I don't need the other two, as long as I'm happy.

Eastern culture, Latin Root Words Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Chocolate Chip Cookies, American Trib
Lufkin, Texas, United States
substitute teacher