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    Help me with my serger - PLEASE!

    If any of you are serger whisperers I would appreciate your help. I have a Singer Ultralock that I have a love/hate relationship with. Sadly, we are in a hate phase right now, and it has been in time out for a few months. I really need to get some skirts finished, so I thought I'd give it...
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    DaVid of Scandinavia in Tulsa

    Is anyone planning to attend? It was so nice to meet up with Munniko in Madison, and if you're going I'd hate to miss the chance to say hello. Here's the link, and if you click on the link under paying by check you can see the class offerings
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    Anyong going to Shimmy In The Grain this weekend?

    Munniko and I are planning to meet up this weekend at Shimmy In The Grain in Madison this coming weekend. Is anyone else attending that we should keep a lookout for? Here's the info: Shimmy in the Grain 2013
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    Inspiration for accepting yourself

    I struggle with accepting my physical self, and usually when I hear or read something about being OK with who you are I'm cynical. I rationalize because they're young/thin/fit etc. The photos and descriptions are self submitted, and it's interesting how the things we consider flaws may not...
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    MizzNaaa - are you OK?

    Whether you joined the protest or stayed in your flat I'd love to hear from you. I hope you're OK!! Egypt and it's people have been on my mind a lot in the last few days. I'm both worried and cautiously optimistic about the whole situation. I just hope Morsi's pride doesn't get in the way of...
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    To the uninitiated this probably just looks like a dude in a dress, but we all know it's Tito in a glittery galabiya. ;) In all seriousness, I can't imagine what it's like feeling like you float between genders never really seeming to fully be a part of either. It must be incredibly...
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    Copycat costumer

    Trolling Ebay I found this listing Belly Dance Costume Professional Design from Egypt | eBay . It's for a custom-made knockoff of an Eman Zaki design, and the seller was kind enough to include Dahlal's photo of the original costume for your viewing enjoyment. If you scroll down to the details...
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    Juicer recommendation

    I am not much of a vegetable lover, but I've found that if I mix in enough fruit I can mask the flavor in smoothies. I'm thinking I'd like to try using a juicer once or twice a day, but I have no idea what to look for and what to avoid. Do any of you use a juicer that you can recommend or...
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    Selecting an online shopping cart

    One of my goals this year is to have a big girl web site for my costume vending business. I'm currently using free software, and it was great at first. It's been dropping categories, though. Visitors can't currently access the bra/belt and dress categories from the home page menu, and I have...
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    I'm headed to Cairo - do you need anything?

    I'm leaving next Friday for my buying trip, and I always accept the challenge of looking for special orders. :) If you're looking for something in particular, send me a PM with as many details as possible. At the minimum I need your ribcage, upper hip, lower hip, and length measurements and...
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    Tiny bit of impromptu dancing

    I watched the cow belly dancing video in the odd video thread, and this was in the sidebar. Apparently it's a dance contest sort of thing, and at around 4:30 one of the judges can't stand it and joins the dancer for a short bit. It made me smile and think of the people who claim men don't...
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    Anonymous poll for arm size

    I make many of the circle skirts that I sell, and I often have enough fabric left over to make sleeves. The problem is that everyone has different sized upper arms, so I never know how big to make them. I thought about just making a casing and then measuring & inserting elastic when they are...
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    Why we can't have nice things

    I got this e-mail a few days ago from a local dancer who is putting on an event. I debated sharing it, but I'm so frustrated & sad I decided to do it. Here is the e-mail: Greetings fellow dancers and friends! (Event name and date) This is going to be an amazing weekend filled with live...
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    Question for the horse people

    I work in a thrift store that supports our local food pantry. We get a wide variety in both the type of items we get and their quality. Yesterday we got a device for measuring a horse's gullet (it was printed on the item or we would have had no idea). It's a thin piece of black plastic with...
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    Hello from Missouri!

    Hi! I'm Andrea, and I live in the St. Louis area. I've been dancing for around 15 years (eep!) now, and my preference is for Egyptian style (particularly folkloric). I've poked around a bit, and it seems like there is a lot of serious discussion and good information here. Of course, I'm...