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  • Hey Alosha!
    A girl in my troupe asked me about making skirts for ATS and I wanted to send her the link to your tutorial you had on YouTube, but it says your account is closed?!
    Have you uploaded it elsewhere, or do you know of a good place I could find a tutorial? Any advice would be great! Thanks!
    I am. I'm in Nova Scotia till august 10th. I'm heading to my sisters tomorrow so I might have empty time to sit down and look at what you have, think about what I like and send you questions to see if it can be done.
    Shimmies!! I'll be dropping you a line once I get home. I'm going to be buying 1-2 veils from you.
    hi lady! i been pimping you out like crazy on bhuz *lol* hope it sends some business your way!
    Thanks for the well-wishing, Alosha. Everyone has recovered nicely, but Rosie is still looking for a job and trying not to go crazy in the process. Instead, she's driving ME crazy!
    Prob. but email me at I'll send some questions soon. We are just sending latest issue to printers and then I'll get going on getting copy for the Summer issue (compiled end of June). Would you like a copy of the upcoming ssue to see the mag. It won't all be relevent to you being UK but I can arrange to send that as well as rhe one you are in. Liz X
    Hello, Alosha! I noticed you have a facebook on your veils, but do you have one on your troupe Scarlet Thistle? I saw you all dance at Madge last year and, have to say you'all were one of my favorites!
    Thanks! I love my grandchildren! They think I'm an eccentric old coot, so I try to live up to my reputation. ;)
    haha but of course! my screenname is ErinBeledi, so if that person adds you, it's just me!
    hey! no i ended up screwing up terribly on the costume i was working on in the first place so i used my refund to buy more costume stuffs! and i ended up not dancing at the hafla, which was a mistake because everyone was mad hahaha.

    but yes i do have a youtube!!
    A pity work has to get in the way of fun! I agree 'faux' is a much nicer word than fake, or even 'imitation'!
    Just starting on the bra - can't hem black at night. the bra will be a 'challenge' because I'm designing as I go. If it was good enough for Madame Vionnet, then I guess I can use the same 'drape and pray' technique!
    I'm loving the whole body covered thing right now - my mid-winter luminescent white skin should NOT be exposed to the world right now!
    But rock on summer, here we come - the weather is stunning today, and I'm even in a short-sleeved T-shirt and skirt with the doors wide open, and the spray tan is ready to come out of the closet. Pix will be up soon. Just doing hem on the black and gold and tidying up some of the seams. Still not sure whether I need a front drape... of course I could always take it off if it was too much!
    Thank you Alosha about the supporting the artists thing. Wouldn't you feel gutted if someone took off what what you'd made without paying you?!! Thanks for the help on the costuming too - working on the bra right now... finished the dress except for the trim.
    sent it off ages ago! i'm guessing it's on a boat...a slow one =(
    Hello Lady! i see i missed your birthday - hope it was an absolutely great one!

    i wanted to ask you about something - i have a costume that i currently can't use - i'm hoping you can help me to solve the problem.

    Actually - i'll send you a pm; way too long to explain here!
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