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  • Hi, Adry! No, I hadn't read that message; thank you for sending it on to me. Sounds like your sojourn in Hungary was the best of worlds (successful dance) and the worst of worlds (rotten politics). Have a wonderful rest and I hope those panic attacks will soon just be a faint memory. Love, Shanazel
    I hoped it was you! Welcome back, Adry, and thanks for the friendship request. Where in the Bay Area are you living? I lived in Marin County many many years ago. By the way, your picture is stunning. I am doing fine, still teaching dance despite playing with the idea of retiring due to a physical problem. Fortunately, the doctor gave me some good drugs and I am still going. And you? Shanazel
    Are you the Adry who moved back to Hungary a while back? If so, I have missed you. If not, welcome here. Shanazel
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