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  • Thank you so much for the compliments. All the best for the new year.
    Thank you for the compliment. :redface: Oh, by the way, are you "AdiemusFree" on Twitter?

    You are such a pretty lady! ^^ Even more important, you have a beautiful heart, and that's what counts. :)
    Hi Ademus: Thank you for the wonderful note regarding Mohamed Shahin. He really IS special! Azeeza
    Hi Adiemus, Thanks for the rep that is very sweet of you. Hope you found Khaleeji music you liked.
    hey thanks!

    Adiemus-- glad you find that useful about the voiceover sections; i think you can turn off the voiceover too, right? (if you get tired of it or want to try without it)... i forget whether we set that on the dvd.
    The pants outfit was custom made for me by Eman Zaki of Cairo--it's a variation on the "Saidi pants" outfit that she has made for Randa Kamel. :-D At some point i may sell that outfit, so let me know if you want to be alerted if it goes on the auction block!
    I'm working on a bra that has removable drapes. Using the clasps from old necklaces and stringing these faux (sounds more elegant than 'fake') pearl beads and tiny coins... Can't wait to finish it, but have to finish the skirts for the paying customers first!
    Yep. I'd be ticked if someone took one of my designs. Be sure to post pics when the costume is done! Love the profile pic by the way!
    Yes, I made it, based on a very basic straight sheath dress, extended the sleeves a bit, and remade the neckline, then loads of embroidery and beading (well, not too much actually, 'cos I had the fabric with the applique that I just cut out), but I did bead/sequin around the sleeves and neckline - never again!!!
    Hi Adiemus, love the dress you are wearing in your profile pic. Did you make it? I have not seen a saiidi dress like that before.
    Thanks very much Bronnie! :-) I appreciate the feedback.
    If you'd like to be on my email list for my dvds, send me email to (or just go to and fill out the Mailing List form. :-)

    Thanks and hope to meet you in person some day!

    best regards,

    Ranya Renee
    No I don't teach, I'm just a newbie, been learning for about 2 1/2 years only! I learn with Kashmir who is on here. She teaches a lot of folkloric and beledi, beledi I think is my favourite.
    I'm really happy to meet other dancers though, especially if they're visiting Christchurch!
    wow thats awesome! I have dancers that have moved to australia- i'd love to let them know about you if you teach at least so they can meet other bellydancers
    hello adiemus- just noticed you were up as well- I'm Nalini Akal from Trinidad- here it is 137am- i'm up waiting for dancers to get to their homes- just thought i''d say hi
    Hi there Bron! :) How are you doing? How's work, family and belly dance? Never had the chance to meet you in Chch but hopefully soon before I head back home. Things didn't go well as planned here. Graham's been to Dr. Ingles and was told that spinal fusion was out of the question. Oh how could he stop that back and leg pain? I think it's sciatica. Anyway, I'd like to ask if you know someone selling a 3-tiered black tribal skirt for a cheap price or I could rent it for 2days and I'll wash it after. I'll only use it once for a hafla, if ever I will manage to learn tribal in a short time (I wish!). Catch up soon! Cheers :)
    hello dear how are you. i put pic of the dresses i made resently, in my album on this side please see it and tell me if you like it
    Hi Bronnie! If things will go well tomorrow, I will be attending a drop-in class at Kashmir's school in South Brighton. I'm so excited! Hope to see you there! :D
    hello Adiemus thank you for you message. yes and she got a Amiras palas shop,right? well i would like to find her and please if you will see her give her my email. . what do you do? you still dancing? where? and tell me more abot you, i like to meet more friends. I was dancing for about 15 years. and now im making belly dresses for Toros agency in Lebanon. kisses
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